Modern-Day Treasure Hunter

My adventure started a long time ago. As a teenager, you could find me scrounging through old bottle dumps. In my early twenties, you could find me searching yard-sales for antique bobbles that struck my fancy. I’ve always been a treasure hunter at heart and I suppose that picking up a metal detector was the next logical step in my journey. Everyone has a different motive for metal detecting. Some metal detect to keep busy, others to stay active, a handful to get rich, a few to get famous, and the rest to discover something that could link them to the past. I’m just one of those looking for a link to the past. I suppose you could say, I’m chasing that narrative that someone left behind. When I pluck an object from the dirt and clear away the filth, that object tells a story–a narrative. I’m the first to hold that item since the day it was lost. That is why I love this hobby and that is why I metal detect.


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