Metal Detecting Basics

This is not my typical post. This is a compilation of tips and tricks I’ve learned about metal detecting… with a lot of help from my readers and my detecting family along the way. My goal in writing this post… Continue Reading

Digging: A “Man’s Hobby”

Believe it our not, but I am a girly girl. I freak out at the sight of bugs, I hate dirt under my nails, and I never leave the house without slathering on my makeup and teasing my hair like it… Continue Reading

Breaking Ground at the Wright House

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about how I obtained permission for a house that was instrumental in leading over a thousand slaves to their freedom–The Wright House. This weekend, I had the opportunity to stand beside that very… Continue Reading

The Winter Blues

I’ve got the winter blues. Officially. I’m staring out my window as more white stuff falls from the sky. Granted, Pennsylvania winters are mild compared to what I was used to in New England–I guess we could be getting three feet… Continue Reading

My Motives for Metal Detecting

Despite what you would gather from reading my blog posts, I have only been metal detecting for a short while. Before that, you could find me scrounging around in old bottle dumps and hunting yard-sales for cheap treasures that struck… Continue Reading

Wright House Narrative

I wanted to share a bit about my trip to the historical society on Wednesday. My goal was to uncover more information on the Wright House–my new underground railroad permission–as well as more information about Latimore Township. I wanted to share… Continue Reading

My Ticket for the Underground Railroad

Today, I told my son a story today about the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys chased the good guys to a house where they hid in the walls and the attic and the basement. When the… Continue Reading