metal detector

Trickle of Time

  • August 24, 2015

Saturday, we visited my family in Central NY. We were up at 4:20AM, out the door by 5:00AM, and rolling into Fabius around 10AM. My great aunt's service was a intended to be a celebration of life--complete with a bubble maker, jazz music, and fancy red hats attributed to the society of the same name. At the grave-site, we continued the red theme by releasing red balloons. The balloons were whisked away in the breeze and struggled to rise above the treetops before being snagged and entangled in a malicious pine. In between visiting with relatives, I did a little putzing around with my detector--both...

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A Shirtless Man and His Dog

  • August 17, 2015

We had a rough week. While my kids suffered through a nasty stomach bug, I suffered through the final days of Comm 101. The good news is, I survived the class--the same class I'd been putting off since I started working towards my Associates Degree in 2008. The topic of my speeches, you ask? Well, metal detecting, of course: So in the midst of completing my final assignments, I fell into the role of Dr. Mom--cuddling on the couch, watching a million-and-one episodes of Sesame Street, and cleaning partially digested...

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Digging at the Thrift Store

  • July 20, 2015

I've been out of commission this past month--taking a much-dreaded speech course in pursuit of my associates degree, remodeling our house with new floors and fresh paint, and chasing after two hellions--one who recently learned the word NO and the other who has it mastered. That being said, I haven't had much opportunity to fire up my new Makro Racer. I'm hoping that once this heat dissipates and I put the public speaking torture to rest, I'll find some time to hit my newest permission--an abandoned house in the woods that was once the Fickel House. Now, from creeping around in the detecting...

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A Little Lead Man

  • June 4, 2015

A few days after I graduated first grade, my parents uprooted our entire family and moved us out West. I traded clam chowdAH for barbecue, rolling waves for endless plains, and soda for pop. The cultural whiplash took awhile to recover from, but once I realized ya'll was essentially the same as youz-guys--I got along just fine. While living in Kansas, I remember going on lots of fields trips--this was back before schools had to worry about all that liability. Heck, all you needed was a signed permission slip and you could feed tigers at the zoo or take an inflatable raft down some wicked...

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The Winners and Losers of Detecting

  • May 28, 2015

I'm not a competitive person. In fact, I might just be the least competitive person ever. When the board games come out on Christmas, I make myself scarce. When someone proposes a game of cornhole on July Fourth, I'm the last person tossing beanbags. Anytime I go to a party--a baby shower, bridal shower, or product pushing event--I dread the baby food tasting contest, the silly guessing games, and inevitable how-well-were-you-listening-to-the-spiel trivia. Win a free makeup compact? I'll pass. I'm just not that into it. If I'm being completely honest--and I usually am--I'm more interested...

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Spoons in the Schoolyard

  • May 26, 2015

Every now and then, you knock on a stranger's door hoping to obtain a permission and you get a surprising response--sometimes its a face full of front door, sometimes its a explosion of profanity, and sometimes its the business end of a twelve gauge and a strong verbal warning to skedaddle. Then, sometimes... its a tour of the one room school house, a complete history of the area, and free rein of the hundred-and-fifty acre property. Sometime last Fall, I turned down a country road in search of a rumored property. I snaked my way through the orchards, the cornfields, and the pastures of...

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I Talk to Dead People

  • May 22, 2015

I talk to dead people. Now--hang on a second--before you call the loony bin and have me committed, you should hear me out... I talk to dead people, but the dead people don't always talk back. I mean, sometimes they do. Sometimes they give me a nudge in the right direction. Sometimes they whisper through a gust of wind. Sometimes they manifest as a crow perched in tree--constantly heckling and shouting commands. Granted, this is usually when I'm all by myself at some abandoned homestead--with no one to confirm the phenomena--but I assure you that I'm not making this stuff up. Yesterday was a horrible...

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Hound Dog of Detecting – XP Deus

  • May 14, 2015

Today I received a text from my husband: "Can we get the DeepSeeker?" Of course, he was referring to the Garrett ATX DeepSeeker Package--the one with the whopping price tag. Rather than just smack him upside the head with a reality check, I gently reminded him that we just sold a car to buy an XP Deus. I mean... technically the car had been rusting in our driveway for close to two years but I'm not about to throw the house on the market for an ATX--regardless of how much I love Garrett. Now granted, I made the mistake of spoiling him with the XP Deus for his twenty-sixth birthday. Like many hobbyists,...

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Racking up Permissions

  • May 13, 2015

No matter how you slice it, marketing has a lot to do with metal detecting. All those times you've knocked on a door, sent a letter, or called a complete stranger to get permission for a property--that IS marketing. But rather than marketing a product, you are marketing yourself. You are--essentially--selling yourself to perspective permissions. Marketing is my second nature--falling somewhere after writing and metal detecting. I've worked in marketing for the past seven years--generating leads, running campaigns, writing collateral. Once I realized that the skills I developed while working...

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Woes of the Woman Digger

  • April 27, 2015

Some women enjoy weeding their flower beds and poking around in their vegetable gardens. I prefer digging for treasure. I reap more reward from pulling a two-hundred-year-old coin from the ground than I do a carrot. Don't get me wrong, carrots are tasty and all... but can you display them in a shadow box and brag to all your facebook friends? Well... I guess that depends on your facebook friends. If I started posting carrots in the metal detecting groups, I might lose a few of those friends. I guess through writing my blog and sharing my perspective, I've sort of been launched into the spotlight....

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