Friends, Goats, and Dimes in Shamokin, PA

Since I started metal detecting, I’ve met fellow diggers from all reaches of the country and even the world. On occasion, I’ll get a private message from someone jabbering at me in Arabic… to which I respond with a confused ice-cream… Continue Reading

The Underestimate-able Digger

I am an enigma. The more I interact with experienced diggers and historians, I’ve begun to realize that strangers have a tendency to underestimate me. I’m underestimate-able. You aren’t likely to find underestimate-able in the dictionary–however–I do like the ring of… Continue Reading

Second Ticket to the Underground Railroad

This weekend was epic–my husband hates when I use that word, but I would be robbing the experience if I used any lesser word. Allow me to begin with the story of Daniel Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman was an abolitionist icon–if… Continue Reading

A Golden Opportunity

As I left my house this morning–without my winter coat–I couldn’t help but delight in the sound of birds singing in the trees. The snow is finally melting. The sun is finally shining. Spring is here, my friends. Spring is FINALLY here. One… Continue Reading

Wright House Narrative

I wanted to share a bit about my trip to the historical society on Wednesday. My goal was to uncover more information on the Wright House–my new underground railroad permission–as well as more information about Latimore Township. I wanted to share… Continue Reading

My Ticket for the Underground Railroad

Today, I told my son a story today about the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys chased the good guys to a house where they hid in the walls and the attic and the basement. When the… Continue Reading