As Cute as a Civil War Button

  • May 25, 2016

I saved $291 in fuel, 6 pit stops at questionable country gas stations, 2728 miles on my odometer, and 40 hours of children screaming in the backseat. I’ve always wanted to visit Washington. I probably would have preferred sipping a cup of medium roast in a hipster coffee house to three weeks of constant rain… but I’ll take what I can get. Whether the recent rain was a result of the untimely passing of Prince, May compensating because April was snoozing on the whole April Showers, or a storm track hovering over the Mid-Atlantic… we may never know. One thing is for certain: We’ve had a record...

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Playing the Permission Game

  • November 20, 2014

I arrived home from work yesterday to find my new metal detector waiting patiently on my doorstep. Woohoo! That means that today will mark the first day of my metal detecting adventures--even if it will be a mere thirty-six degrees. At least I don't live in Buffalo, NY! Anyway, in my eagerness to hit the ground running... or rather metal detecting... I spent the last week seeking permission to all the places on my first ever  metal detecting wish list: 1) The Old Road - I was looking at old topography maps of my house and discovered an old road that ran behind my house in the early 1900s....

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