Cobweb Crown

My mother-in-law loves telling the story of “Jocelyn and the Moth.” The story goes a little like this… One crisp autumn morning in 2011, our small family of three combined forces with my husband’s family of four. The seven of us piled snugly… Continue Reading

The Underestimate-able Digger

I am an enigma. The more I interact with experienced diggers and historians, I’ve begun to realize that strangers have a tendency to underestimate me. I’m underestimate-able. You aren’t likely to find underestimate-able in the dictionary–however–I do like the ring of… Continue Reading


Even before I started metal detecting, I’d always had a weakness for old homes–the crumbling stone facades, the weathered brick, and paint-peeled clapboards. These properties–with their overgrown vegetation, collapsing outbuildings, and crooked shutters–possess some sort of decrepit beauty that I’ve… Continue Reading

Bottle Fever

I’ll admit that I’ve been on a glass kick lately. Obviously, not a single one of my detectors can find glass–but I’ve mastered a method for finding bottle shards and china fragments. Are you ready for this? I call it… the… Continue Reading

A Little Lead Man

A few days after I graduated first grade, my parents uprooted our entire family and moved us out West. I traded clam chowdAH for barbecue, rolling waves for endless plains, and soda for pop. The cultural whiplash took awhile to recover from, but… Continue Reading

Woes of the Woman Digger

Some women enjoy weeding their flower beds and poking around in their vegetable gardens. I prefer digging for treasure. I reap more reward from pulling a two-hundred-year-old coin from the ground than I do a carrot. Don’t get me wrong, carrots… Continue Reading

Detecting with Rugrats

These past few weeks, I haven’t been able to recruit any relatives to watch my kids. (For those of you who don’t know, I have a eighteen-month-old daughter and a four-year-old son.) And let’s face it, unless I’m plucking diamond… Continue Reading