My Dream Property

  • February 16, 2015

There is a property that I drive by on a weekly basis that is right beside the highway. It has fallen victim to graffiti and vandalism, but I LOVE this property. I called the township to track down the owner and discovered that he lives two hours away. So, I just dropped a letter in the mail with high hopes that he will get back to me. I wanted to share the letter with you:

Warm Greetings, Mr. XYZ:

I hope that my letter reaches you well. I have been trying to reach you by phone at XYZ Funeral Home, but it seems that we are always missing each other.

My name is Jocelyn and I live in Cumberland County, PA. Every Sunday on my way to church, I drive by the historic monument that was once a furniture store. The house seems so out of place amongst the industrial buildings that have sprung up around it and given the road its namesake.

I once drove down this road and parked in front of the house—the old furniture store. I have enough respect not to trespass, though I can see that others before me have lacked that respect. I apologize on their behalf, though I am sure it makes no difference.

I am contacting you because I have a passion for history and this home seems to have such a rich history—a history that I would love to hear about before it becomes a victim to the encroaching trucking industry.

You see, Mr. XYZ, I consider myself a historical relic recoverist—if ever there was such a thing. I retrieve historical relics through methods of metal detecting and dump digging. I find that it gives me a connection to the people and the traditions of days gone by—something I very passionate about.

All this being said, I would be so honored to metal detect your property and share my finds with you. I am in awe of this building and what it once was, especially considering its location in relation to the French and Indian War.

I would sincerely appreciate your consideration in this matter. And if, by chance you decline, I would much appreciate a phone call so that I may at least learn the history of the property and have a greater appreciation for it.

Best Regards,


Jocelyn Dennerlein

Historical Relic Recoverist

Ph. (717) 123-4567


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Happy Hunting!


*Since publishing this post, I decided to share more information on the mystery property: